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Metformer provides the latest achievements in machine building in the HVAC and metallurgy industries, providing users with high-class machines, full-fledged functionality and sophisticated design.

Square Duct Machine Series
Rolling Mills
Press Brakes
Round Duct Machine Series
Pittsburgh lock machine
Duct Auto Line
Bending Machines
Laser & Plasma Machine
Cutting machines
Hand tools


Duct Auto Line V

Our V-channel production line consists of an integrated system – all in one machine. Combination of double unwinder, straightener, folding machine, TDF edging, Pittsburgh zipper forming, cutting and bending in one.

TDC Profiling Machine for P20 and P30

TDC Profile forming machine. The machine can be equipped with rollers forming a TDC 20/25/30 or 40 mm profile. Ideal for all applications in the production of ventilation ducts and fittings.

Hydraulic Folding Machine

The robust steel frame ensures accurate bending. Hydraulic bending with a manual clamp, The movable foot pedal includes a control panel for maximum convenience, The segments allow bending of boxes to a depth of 230 mm;

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